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Get a glimpse at the lecture that will be available during the 2021 Summer Session

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Teaching and mentoring

Pascal Nemirovski
Michal Tal

Date: TBA

Teaching is by far more than a musical & pianistic information. One should never forget that we are their mentors, and in many ways responsible for their future plans as well. Our students need to develop a large variety of musical skills during their studies and we need to help and guide them in this intricate path, making sure that they realise and use all their potential, and use diverse career strategies.

in this exciting discussion meeting all student will be involved and we will try to answer as many questions as possible!

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Round Table

How to Interpret Interpretation?

Yuval Admony

Date: TBA

To what extent are we free to interpret the pieces left by the composers, while remaining loyal to the text.
Can’t the pupils play 'the way they feel'?... Are there right and wrongs in music?

Moderated by Yuval Admony, with Einat Fabrikant, Michal Tal, Sara Tal and Ifat Zeidel, will discuss the different aspects of conveying the composers' intentions, periodical style, and overall better understanding of the repertoire.


New considerations, contemplations and insights concerning Franz Liszt's b-minor Sonata

Claudius Tanski

Date: TBA

More information soon


Solving Technical Complexities at the Keyboard

Guest Lecturer: 
Sondra Tammam

Date: TBA

Advanced students bring a passage or section spontaneously and Sondra Tammam gives solutions for the difficult spot.

Carles. lama.jpg

BEYOND TALENT - The pillars to develop a musical career

Guest Lecturer: 
Carles Lama

Date: TBA

What other talents are needed to develop a successful musical career?

פלייר יובל אדמוני הרצאה .jpg

Yuval Admony presents his book: The Wonders of Music

Yuval Admony

Date: TBA

A pedagogical book engaging the pupils with the makings of music and the basis of theory. 

25 composed duets for Teachers and Pupils / Music Fables personifying the music terms. The presentation will include performances of pieces and read-outs of fables. 

And much more!

Stay tuned for more information concerning our lectures

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