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Concerto Competition

Play magnificent piano concertos of the finest composers- from Bach through Martines, Beethoven, and Saint-Seans.

Compete with pianists from Israel and abroad, and get the chance of playing in the festival’s Gala Concert with the Israeli Beer Sheva Sinfonietta!


The competition: July 25th (the first day of the festival)

The concert: August 1st (the last day of the festival)


The competition is open to young pianists in two categories:

  •  Up to 15 years old

  •  16 years old and up

(The competition is open to participants of PianoFest Arad only)


The contestants will play with an accompanist (second piano) that PianoFest Arad will provide. If the contestant chooses to bring his/her accompanist  the administrative assistant should be notified in advance.


The jury members will be the faculty of PianoFest Arad and the conductor of the Gala concert.


The competition will start in the morning. According to the number of participants , there is a possibility of a second round during the day


Number of winners in any category is due to change according to the jury members’ decision. The decision of the jury is final and cannot be appealed.


 The contestants will choose one movement from :

  • Bach: 

    • F minor BWV1056   

    • D minor BWV 1052

  • Haydn :

    • D  Major Hob. XVIII/11

    • F major Hob XVIII:3

  • Marianna Martines: 

  • Mozart:       

    • Any concerto from k. 238  up to 595

  • Beethoven: 

    • No. 1  C major op. 15

    • No. 2  B flat major op. 19

    • No. 3  C minor op. 37

    • No. 4  G Major op. 58

    • No. 5  E flat Major op. 73

  • Mendelssohn: 

    • Op. 25   G minor

  • Chopin:

    • Op. 21 F minor

  • Clara Wieck-Schumann:

    • Op. 7 A minor

  • Robert Schumann:

    • Op. 54 A Minor​

  • Saint-Saens:

    • Op. 22​ G Minor

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