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Grand Piano

About the PWF

The inspiration for this festival originated in the desire to create an international musical platform despite the current need to stay home. Today's world is filled with uncertainty, with many activities being postponed or canceled, as well as restrictions being imposed on international travel. We wish to allow students and teachers worldwide to meet online for master classes, enrichment sessions and conversations in order to create a sense of community and togetherness.

Our Vision

We believe that a pianist must be well educated and should experiment with a wide range of repertoire. In addition, he/she must foster a high awareness of a suitable career path. Other important aspects of a pianist’s education include the strengthening and building of self-awareness, the development of strong communication skills and teamwork, as well as the formation of interpersonal relations.

Our vision is that outstanding students will be able to receive lessons from world-renowned teachers and pianists online from their homes.

Our Program

This is an online music festival that will last for almost two weeks during which each student will receive 2 lessons from his/her chosen teacher/s through the Zoom platform. In spite of the foreseeable technological challenges, we intend to use the most advanced features and upgrades in order to achieve optimum sound quality, therefore enabling the highest quality of lessons for selected students. In addition, we provide lectures, group discussions, movement-oriented sessions and studio classes.

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